About Us


We are passionate about working with exceptional founders who are building remarkable companies. While being Founders-first, our philosophy centers around putting founders at the forefront, supporting their vision, and backing their ideas with our commitment and dedication. 

Think of us as an extended team bringing PlugandPlay fundraising capabilities allowing founders to leverage our expertise around storytelling,  market research, pitching, and accessing long-tail VC globally thus creating huge tangible value.



We look at Seed stage (early revenue) to Series B+ ($5-10Mn revenue run rate)

Round Size

Round size ranges between $0.5Mn to $25Mn, with a valuation range of $3Mn to $100Mn post money


We are Sector Agnostic, and look at asset light, technology first companies having the potential to achieve non-linear growth with profitable economics.


We are problem solvers

Fundraising is way beyond connecting, we focus on solving the raise for the founders through brainstorming, building compelling storylines, strategizing fundraising, doing A/B testing and bringing multiple unique resources to achieve exceptional outcomes

We believe in a long-term partnership

We partner early and continue supporting our founders in their $100 million valuation journey. Our commitment to strategic problem-solving, unwavering support, and a shared goal of success ensures that we develop lasting relationships based on trust, mutual value creation

We take it personally

We develop a personal edge with every single founder we work with and even stick to them during the toughest times with our fundraising muscle power. We stand by our founders to extend fundraising visibility beyond their capabilities.

We partner as an investor

We take time and money risk, and alongside raising capital we also invest selectively with incoming VCs demonstrating our commitment further. We participate in the same round on the same terms

Meet our team

Driven by a mission, our dynamic team excels in early stage fundraise. With a track record of handling diverse deals and a wide range of venture building initiatives, we bring focused insights and a profound industry understanding.

Kanak Heda


Anuradha Gupta


Ankul Maheshwari


Shweta Gavali


Shubhi Shukla


Megha Maheshwari


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